Company Profile


KING FOUNT IND CORP. is founded by 1990 at HIS-CHIH of Taiwan. During the past 10 years we are exports of various kinds of speakers. Our producers include 

proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png CAR AUDIO  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png HOME THREATER & KAROKE SYSTEM  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png COLUMN SPEAKER  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIER  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png PROFESSIONAL ADUIO EQUIPMENT  
proimages/16x16_pfeil_6.png WIRELESS MICROPHONES

 In order to enlarge the better service to our customer, The Co. start to set up the GUANGDONG KING FOUNT ELECTRONICS CO. since 1999. This is our sincere service.
With our professional, technical experience during past 10 years, we have gain the customer's support and the number is over 200 CO.IN the different.

 We will improve our production, equipment and new design in order to provide the more, reliable service to the customer.

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